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Most companies specialize in one or two logistics services but we specialize in over eight. The service we are proudest to specialize in is peace of mind. When you choose us to haul your freight, rest assured that it will pick up & deliver on time. We can also handle certain high cargo value loads when requested.


With over seventy trucks in our fleet, more than 73% of the models are 2021, 2022 & 2023. A majority of our fleet consists of Volvo, Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Mack & International. Our expedited cargo van division is comprised of Mercedes Sprinter Van’s.

One-size-fits-all solutions don’t always apply when it comes to Airfreight. FFA Inc provides a variety of custom fit Air freight options that make sense for you. We have a fleet of T.S.A./S.T.A. certified drivers. Our Airfreight carrier services cover the entire over the road freight transportation process. Your freight will get to their destination safely and on time.
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Our drayage services facilitate the quick pickup of container shipments and goods in and out of ports and rail yards. We are experienced in coordinating with different container depots and steamship lines. We have worked very hard to build great relationships with freight forwarders and customs brokers.

  • One of the many services we offer is sprinter van expedited freight. This option is often more expensive than using a standard LTL or rail service, however we feel this is the best option when your cargo is time sensitive.
  • Our large fleet of Sprinter Van’s are able to handle dry freight and a vast array of goods. We service virtually any industry that requires quick delivery – including companies needing to quickly replenish inventory, hospitals requiring emergency medical supplies, or industries in urgent need of replacements parts.

Flatbed shipping is important & unique because there are many items that can be loaded onto a flatbed that cannot be loaded onto another type of truck. Flatbed trucks can also carry more maximum weight compared to a dry van. Most dry vans can haul up to 45,000 lbs. while most flatbeds can haul up to 48,000 lbs.

There are also different types of flatbed trucks. You can choose from
Step Decks
Designed to carry tall cargo that exceeds the legal height limit if transported on a traditional flatbed trailer. Transporting tall cargo on a step deck prevents drivers and operators from having to obtain permits.
Double Drops
For extra-large, heavy loads, double drop deck trailers are used. They get their name from the two higher decks – one in front, one in back – that bookend a lower deck. The lower deck is commonly referred to as a “well.”
Removable Gooseneck trailers
The Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailer has a detachable front end that turns the trailer into a ramp. Past the detachable section of the trailer, RGNs are equipped with a double drop formation that lends the payload an extra amount of height, usually around 12 extra inches.
The Conestoga Truck is a hybrid that offers the best of two worlds: the Dry Vans and the flatbeds. They allow a fast loading and unloading since it can be done from the sides or from the top. It also protects loads from weather conditions.

Rail is one of the most cost-effective forms of transportation. Our logistics coordinators work with owner operators in addition to our company trucks to insure a smooth drop off & pick up from the rail yards.
  • We specialized in refrigerated freight. We are a trusted refrigerated carrier with some of the largest produce and premium food companies in the world.
  • All of our refrigerated loads go through an even more extensive check call and update process. You can rest assured that your refrigerated cargo will be handled with the
    utmost urgency and care.

We have a division to specifically handle our customers needs for anything that is less than full
truck load. With LTL shipping it is easier to offer the customer more savings because we are
combining shipments from multiple companies into one truck. Besides cost saving it is also
more efficient over parcel shipping. With LTL you can ship pallets which means everything is
packed together.
There are many factors that can effect LTL shipping speed and cost. The first is the weight or
number of pallets of the shipment. The second is also the freight classification of the shipment.
There are 18 different freight classifications

Class Name Range Examples Weight Range Per Cubic Foot
Class 50- Clean Freight Lowest Cost Fits on a standard 4×4 pallet Over 50 lbs.
Class 55 Bricks, cement, hardwood flooring 35-50 lbs.
Class 60

Car accessories & car parts


30-35 lbs.
Class 65

Car accessories & car parts, bottled beverages, books in boxes


22.5-30 lbs.
Class 70

Car accessories & car parts, food items, automobile engines


15-22.5 lbs.
Class 77.5



13.5-15 lbs.
Class 85 Crated machinery 12-13.5 lbs.
Class 92.5

Computers, refrigerators


10.5-12 lbs.
Class 100

boat covers, car covers, canvas, wine cases


9-10.5 lbs.
Class 110

cabinets, framed artwork, table saw


8-9 lbs.
Class 125

Small Household appliances


7-8 lbs.
Class 150 ATV, jet skis, motorcycles, assembled wooden furniture, work stations 6-7 lbs.
Class 175

Clothing, couches stuffed furniture


5-6 lbs.
Class 200

Auto sheet metal parts, aircraft parts, packaged mattresses,


4-5 lbs.
Class 250

Bamboo furniture, mattress and box spring, plasma TV


3-4 lbs.
Class 300

wood cabinets, tables, chairs setup, model boats


2-3 lbs.
Class 400

Deer antlers


1-2 lbs.
Class 500 – low density or High Value Highest Cost

Bags of gold dust, ping pong balls


Less than 1 lbs.
Do you have a time sensitive shipment?

FFA Inc specializes in time sensitive loads that requires team drivers. We have hauled Airfreight shipments for almost a decade which require the utmost urgency for pick up & delivery times.

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